SALTFINEART: Experi[mental]

MBarraza "Body of Evidence" (detail)
Watercolor on paper, 40 x 27 inches

Latin American Art on the Cusp of Contemporary
March 3 - April 30

Mayra Barraza / Karen Clachar / Jorge De Leon / Roberto Guerrero / Jaime Izaguirre / Jorge Linares / Priscilla Monge / Ronald Moran / Luis Fernando Ponce / Angel Poyon / Irene Pressner

saltfineart introduces Experi[mental], an exhibition of works by a new generation of globally oriented Latin American artists. In the age of the Internet, these artists have transcended limits that both confined and galvanized their predecessors. That is not to say that concerns over political corruption, personal repression, the overarching power of religious institutions and upper social castes and rigid sexual stereotypes have disappeared from consciousness.