SALTFINEART: Colectiva 2011

MBarraza: Firstborn from Trinity series
Oil on red velvet
50 x 50 cm



july 7- august 28

Ana Mercedes Hoyos (Columbia), Andriy Halashyn (Costa Rica), Arturo Monroy (Guatemala), Cecilia Paredes (Peru), Cinthya Soto (Costa Rica), Hector Tadeo (El Salvador), Irene Pressner (Venezuela), Karen Clachar (Costa Rica), Lucas Rise (Argentina), Marco Valencia (El Salvador), Mayra Barraza (El Salvador), Rafael Varela (El Salvador), and introducing W (Costa Rica) and Lucio Kansuet (Panama)

A summer group show previewing the very best to come throughout 2011/12 with a special emphasis onCosta Rican surrealist photographer, LEO CORREA also featuring a large-scale sculpture inspired by the constellations from Los Angeles artist VICTOR HUGO ZAYAS.

The COLECTIVA summer exhibition allows us to gather our artists for an all-encompassing exhibition celebrating the breadth and depth of Latin Contemporary art while at the same time choosing to highlight work from a new artist to the gallery.