The Animal That Therefore I Am - Liliana Bloch Gallery

Recent work by Mayra Barraza
Liliana Bloch Gallery
Dallas, TX

Oct 19 - Nov 23

MBarraza: "Isabel - Loca"
De la serie "Perra reclinada"
Óleo sobre pana roja
120 x 140 cm

Liliana Bloch Gallery is pleased to present Salvadoran artist Mayra Barraza, making her Dallas debut with The Animal That Therefore I am. The artist develops conceptual ideas with multiple references with realist animal paintings. 

Mayra Barraza conducts a dialogue of thoughtful and playful reflections, seeking to reconcile the animal within. By reverting roles between animals and humans, she explores the limits of domesticated wilderness.


NUEVE MUJERES EN LAS ARTES - National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center

 SEPT 3 - 29

Julia Díaz, Rosa Mena Valenzuela, Conchita Kuny Mena, Licry Bicard, Mayra Barraza, Nicole Schwartz, Ana María Martínez, Verónica Vides y Negra Alvarez.

MBarraza: "La Barca de Holbein"
De la serie "AGUAS DE LETEO" 
Óleo sobre canvas
140 x 120 cm


SIDE AFFECT - Liliana Bloch Gallery

Liliana Bloch Gallery
Dallas, TX

July 13 - September 7 2013

De la serie "La visita deGregor Mendel"
Óleo sobre terciopelo blanco
110 x 100 cm

SIDE AFFECT alludes the U.S Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) evolving regulatory practices since its inception in 1892. Mindful of the growing power and influence of private and public lobbyists, the artists participating in this exhibition examine the United States's permissive pharmaceutical and genetically modified organism (GMO) policies , and their effects on health and the environment.

The exhibition will feature the works of Waddy Armstrong, Mayra Barraza, Tim Best, Sandow Birk, Du Chau, Letitia Huckaby, Vince Jones, Mona Kasra, Kathy Lovas and Ryan Sarah Murphy and Laray Polk.

Liliana Bloch Gallery represents emerging and mid-career, regional, national and international artists working in a variety of media.The Gallery works with institutional and private curators establishing simultaneous involvement between collectors, for-profit, educational art venues and the general public.

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VISIONES - Fundación Rozas Botrán

Arte Actual Salvadoreño

Fundación Rozas Botrán

Junio 13 - Julio 20

Efraín Cruz, Orel Doñán, Orlando Rivas, Rodolfo Oviedo, Edwin López Morán,  Carlos López, Mayra Barraza, Rafael Figueroa, Alberto Merino, Carmen Elena Trigueros, Boris Ciudad Real, Douglas Nolasco, Miguel Servellón, Óscar Pérez, Sara Boulonge, Rolando Monterrosa, Rubén Silhy, Hugo Martínez Acuña, Ernesto Mártir, Héctor Tadeo, Jorge Merino, Óscar López, y Ludwing Lemus.

De la serie "Aguas del Leteo"
180 x 160 cm
Óleo sobre canvas



MATING SEASON - saltfineart

Laguna Beach, California
MARCH 1 - 31

MBARRAZA: "Lady G - Born this way"
Oléo sobre pana roja
110 x 100 cm

"In a groundbreaking show entitled ‘MATING SEASON’ Barraza moves away from the explicit representation of violence and invisibility of her prior works, to the visibility of genetic action and its multiplicity of outcomes. Black and white kittens frolic and play on black and white velvets in ‘Schrödinger´s Visit’. Animal and artist eyes peek out from what becomes a forest of literal multiplying mirrored images. And the ‘bitch’ rules the roost with the lhasa reclined – embodying the dignity and humor Barraza brings to this intersection of nature and culture."




FEBRERO 15-17, 2013

The region has evolved into a respected art oasis in the Southern California desert with a vibrant cultural scene devoted to the visual arts.




February 10 – May 26, 2013

Curated by Selene Preciado

Mixtape is an exhibition comprised primarily of works on paper from MOLAA’s Collection that focuses on the tradition of drawing in modern and contemporary Latin American art.


The title refers to the creation of a conceptual mix or compilation of songs connected by a theme. In this selection, the link between the artworks is not only their medium but also their relationships as studies on line, the figure and architecture, all intrinsic elements of drawing. Another component of the exhibition is the selection of songs to play as soundtracks accompanying the works. These soundtracks will be selected by the curator, the staff and the public and presented in listening stations, cellphone audio tours and educational activities.

The video Partizione linéaire #2, 2007, by Fabiana Cruz, serves as the preface of the exhibition. In the video, the artist wears headphones and responds to the music she is listening to (Vivaldi’s Agitata da due venti) by creating line drawings on the sidewalk. The exhibition continues with the study of line and figure works by artists such as Tania Bruguera, Alejandro Otero and Félix González-Torres and moves on to the examination of themes of portraiture and representation by José Luis Cuevas, Leonel Góngora and Antonio Berni. The central section of the exhibition features prints that deal with socio-political topics by artists such as Rufino Tamayo, Sandra Ramos and Demián Flores. The exhibition concludes with a section on place and architectural spaces with works by artists Emilio Sánchez, Carlos Garaicoa and Los Carpinteros, among others. These sections are described through fragments of song lyrics representing each theme.

Similar to the auditory experience depicted in Fabiana Cruz’s video piece, you are invited to listen to the songs that have been selected and to participate by suggesting other songs inspired by your experience while viewing the artwork.

Artists in the exhibition include:

Alejandro Otero (Venezuela, 1921–1990)
Ana Rosa Rivera Marrero (Puerto Rico, b. 1967)
Antonio Berni (Argentina, 1905–1981)
Bob Nugent (United States/Mexico, b. 1947)
Carlos Garaicoa (Cuba, b. 1966)
Cecilio Sánchez (Mexico, b. 1957)
David Alfaro Siqueiros (Mexico, 1896–1974)
Demián Flores (Mexico, b. 1971)
Eduardo Bárcenas (Venezuela, b. 1954)
Emilio Sánchez (Cuba/United States, 1921–1999)
Fabiana Cruz (Venezuela, b. 1984)
Félix González-Torres (Cuba, 1957–1996)
Francisco Toledo (Mexico, b. 1940)
Ibrahim Miranda Ramos (Cuba, b. 1969)
José Luis Cuevas (Mexico, b. 1934)
Leonel Góngora (Colombia, 1932–1998)
Leyla Cárdenas (Colombia, b. 1975)
Los Carpinteros (Artist Collective, Cuba, b. 1970, 1971, 1969)
Luis Roldán (Colombia, b. 1955)
María Bonomi (Brazil, b. 1935)
Marnie Moliere (Puerto Rico, b. 1970)
Mayra Barraza (El Salvador, b. 1966)
Nahum B. Zenil (Mexico, b. 1947)
Nicolás Leiva (Argentina, b. 1958)
Pedro Terán (Venezuela, b. 1943)
Rafael Coronel (Mexico, b. 1932)
Roberto Gil de Montes (Mexico, b. 1950)
Rosa Mena Valenzuela (El Salvador, 1913–2004)
Rufino Tamayo (Mexico, 1899–1991)
Salvador Efraín Salazar Arrué (El Salvador, 1899 - 1975)
Sandra Ramos (Cuba, b. 1969)
Tania Bruguera (Cuba, b. 1968)
Víctor Hugo Zayas (Mexico, b. 1961)
Vladimir Cora (Mexico, b. 1951)