SUMMER SCHOOL - Liliana Bloch Gallery

 DEC 13 2014 - JAN 22 2015

Participating artists: Mayra Barraza, Tim Best, Du Chau, Ryan Goolsby, Letitia Huckaby, Vince Jones, Kathy Lovas, Leigh Merrill, Mi-Hee Nahm, Laray Polk and Ryan Sarah Murphy.

 MBarraza: ¨Robyn Rude Boy¨, "Bitch Reclined" Series
Oil paint on red velvet

Summer School is a group exhibition that addresses the current state of decline and entanglement in the American education system. As the most powerful country in the world the U.S. is reversing critical thinking and crippling young Americans financially. The United States currently ranks 17th in the world  with Finland, South Korea and Hong Kong being the top three. The commonality between the aforementioned countries is a constitutional right of education for their citizens aside from political affiliations. This fosters a collective consciousness of progress, constructive questioning and distinction. National and international perspectives will open a dialogue.