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MARCH 4 through the 31, 2010

Blink and you'll miss it. This March, for 24 days only, saltfineart is giving Orange County residents an opportunity to view a groundbreaking series of portraits that challenge and defy the genre as a whole. Step up to these "Invisible Men", step away from them, squint at them, ogle - these interactive works are sure to be interpreted differently by everyone who experiences them.

During her distinguished career of the past 15 years, Mayra Barraza has not only earned national recognition for her art in her homeland of El Salvador but also in Europe and the United States. Winner of both the most recent MOLAA awards (2008) and the Iberoamerican Bienniale (2009), she has exhibited her work at the II Biennial in Lima, Peru, Casa de America Latina in France, Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno in Spain, Museo del Barrio in New York and Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña in Puerto Rico, among other institutions. The distinctions of Barraza's career and her contribution to the Latin American cultural and artistic discourse have confirmed her in the art community as a well recognized leader of contemporary Latin American art.

Saltfineart's exhibition "Invisible Man", is the newest body of work produced by Mayra Barraza as she continues to develop her artistic voice in pursuit of the human experience. These groundbreaking portraits, a tribute to Ralph Ellison's "Invisible Man", explore the realms of identity, both public and private using a visual language that hides and reveals. Also on display as part of the permanent collection will be her award winning pieces "The Sleep of Reason", poignant statements and explorations of the violence in her native country, and "Rolling Head", etchings from the Iberoamerican Bienniale.

Saltfineart, opened in late 2009, is the only gallery in Orange County dedicated to Latin American Contemporary Art. As a new, but active member of the global contemporary art scene, saltfineart feels the work of acclaimed artist Mayra Barraza is part of it's ongoing commitment to not only show Latin American art, but also to educate and expand its horizons.

Visual Art Source Exhibition Preview, text by
Jeanne Willette.

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