AUG 19 - SEPT 5

MBarraza - EXP40
Youtube playlist

Participating artists: Jose David Herrera, Mayra Barraza, El Princesito, Veronica Vides, Poker, Lucy Tomasino, Efrain Caravantes y Fortis.


Ecclectical Festival of the Arts (FEA) in its fourth edition, curated by Javier Ramirez Nadie, presents four duplets in varied exhibition venues throughout San Salvador city. 
In Oxlot Gallery a mixed media duet formed by Mayra Barraza and El Principito. 

Mayra Barraza shows EXP40, one of 40 playlists compiled and edited since 2013 that play on cognitive dissonance and fragmentation of content to engage the viewer.

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